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 TIP: Your Reception Music Choices


 August 28, 2014 by Amarillo DJ


I meet with many brides and grooms, and once in a while I
encounter an occasional music issue.  Once in a while, a bride or
groom will have a misguided vision of their reception,
or want to carry a 'theme' too far.

One bride I met only wanted Country music played at her reception
because it was the only music she liked.  I explained the different
reactions we might create by not considering the other 200
guests at her reception, but she insisted.

Reluctantly, we agreed to go with her plan.  As I expected,
after only 20 minutes a guest rushed to the DJ booth and
asked, 'Is this all we are going to hear all night?'.  I was instructed
by the bride to send all requests directly to her, so I did.  

After half the guests voiced their opinion to her and not dancing,
she finally came to the booth and told us to do what we had to do.  
We packed the dancefloor with a perfect program of popular music
mixed with requests and classic party jams.  We would occasionally
bounce back to Country for segues to keep her theme going.  It was
an incredible success.  Since that experience, we make sure that
we are a good match in every way with our couples.

If you have a theme, like 'Country' for example, it is perfectly ok
and expected that you play a variety of musical styles in 'sets',
perfectly programmed to keep your guests dancing, hitting
the bar, and having a great time.  

You can use your cocktail hour music, your entrance song,
and other formality songs to carry your 'theme', but go ahead and play
what the crowd wants! Your guests will be pleasantly
relieved that they will hear their favorite tunes.  

Have fun!


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