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 May 19, 2015 by Amarillo DJ

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Dear Soon To Be Wed,


COMMON MISTAKE #1: Hiring A DJ "By The Hour"


It is your DJ Entertainer's job to keep the evening's entertainment

flowing smoothly.  Don't make the mistake of hiring a DJ that does not

spend a lot of time organizing the evenings timeline IN ADVANCE.  


Many DJs unfortunately give little attention to the 'little details' that are

involved in planning a great reception.  This lack of planning leads to

poor energy, dead time, and confusion at wedding receptions

(maybe you have attended some of these receptions).  


The only way a DJ learns to avoid these amateur mistakes

is through personal experience and after learning the

'hard way' at people's receptions.  Don't let this be YOUR reception!


A great DJ will not charge 'by the hour', because he is

not considering the 'preparation' time in his fee.  

Is it that he is telling you he doesn't prepare at all?  


Will he get the names right?  Will he know what songs you don't want

played as well as the songs you DO want?  Bottom line, find out

what this DJ does in order to prepare for your reception.


COMMON MISTAKE #2: On Making Your Request List


When making your music requests, keep your list manageable.  

It is realistic to play 15-18 songs TOTAL per hour.  

Out of those songs, you should request about a third

or 5 or 6 songs per hour (keeping the types of songs in mind ie.

cocktail, dinner, dancing, etc.)  


This allows your DJ room to take requests from your guests

(if you wish), and play the important songs for your formalities.

It also gives your DJ room to properly program the music

in 'sets' for the smoothest dance floor transitions.


A big amateur mistake is for the DJ to just play your music

list 'verbatim' only to appease you.  This screams 'amateur'

and that the DJ doesn't have proper music programming skills.  


If they do this, you will have a choppy dance floor with no energy, flow,

or momentum, with people coming and going literally each song.  

It also results in empty dancefloors.


Anyone can buy equipment and music and call themselves a DJ,

but don't assume that they can make people dance and have a great time.


Only an expert music programmer has the skills and the talent.


I encourage you to consider your DJ entertainment as the

higher priority, as it is the factor that determines over 80% of the

success of your wedding reception.


Panhandle DJ prices vary from around $600 to $2,500 with an

average rate being $800 to $1,500. Beware of 'SUSPICIOUSLY CHEAP' DJs, as they wouldn't be so cheap if they actually took pride in their work, and put in the many hours of planning and detail work that is involved in

proper reception planning.


If you would like to meet the most experienced, fun, and versatile DJ

professionals and music programmers  in the Panhandle Area,

call my office at 1.855.633.3357 (1.855.NEED.DJS)

and we can arrange a no-obligation consultation.



You will get my honest expert advice hassle-free,

even if you decide not to hire me.



Call in the next 7 days and you will receive a complimentary 

FREE Entertainment Evaluation (a $200.00 value) to personalize 

your Reception AND a FREE LIGHTSHOW & FOG UPGRADE (a $200.00 value) to create the perfect mood and energy for your dance floor! 


If all this interests you, maybe we can schedule a meeting or a phone call and discuss the entertainment of your upcoming wedding reception



Angie & Scott’s Amarillo DJ Company is the Panhandle’s most premium DJ company. They have been specializing in weddings for the last 17 years and our in high demand. It is best to contact AMDJ 3 to 12 months in advance to avoid disappointment.


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