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 February 10, 2016 by Angie Warren

Honestly, the subject of whether or not you should visit a

DJ 'at a wedding' has been a long debated topic among DJs

as well as brides.  Common sense tells me that there

is a simple answer.


A DJ that openly invites you to visit them 'on the job' at another

couples wedding should tell you that they will be

inviting strangers to YOUR wedding.  Not only do I feel

that this is in bad taste, but with this situation noone wins.


When strangers arrive at a wedding, it creates a split loyalty

from the performing DJ - They are now focusing on

'auditioning' for the prospects, and may put the real

wedding client's agenda second in order to 'show off'.  


Worse, the uninvited guests peeking in the room or

standing against the wall are extremely distracting

to the guests as well as the DJ.  I also feel that

they are just as uncomfortable being there as they

are unwelcome.  Besides, they will never understand

the service that the DJ provides unless they stay

the entire evening, which is extremely inappropriate.


I was just told a horror story from another DJ that said

that a couple that posed as DJ customers was caught

stealing at a wedding.  They would 'routinely' call DJs

to be invited to a wedding, and when noone was looking,

they would wipe out the head table's purses!


So when is the right time to meet your DJ?


The absolute best time to meet your DJ is when you have

their undivided attention, at a private meeting.  Your DJ

can bring highlight video which will demonstrate

different formalities and how they handle

them at a reception.  


By this, I don't mean a highly edited flashy video

designed to make them look good, that's not the

point here.  But you don't have to hold up a wall for

6 hours just to see the formalities and how they are run.


Not only that, but you will be able to discuss

YOUR reception in great detail, see if the DJ is a

good match for you, and hear suggestions on how to make

YOUR reception unique and unforgettable.  

Only trust your reception to a professional that you

trust and believe in their approach.  


Panhandle DJ prices vary from around $300 to $2,500 with an average rate being $600 to $1,500. Beware of 'SUSPICIOUSLY CHEAP' DJs, as they wouldn't be so cheap if they actually took pride in their work, and put in the many hours of planning and detail work that is involved in

proper reception planning.


If you would like to meet the most experienced, fun, and versatile DJ

professionals and music programmers  in the Panhandle Area,

call my office at 1.855.633.3357 (1.855.NEED.DJS)

and we can arrange a no-obligation consultation.



You will get my honest expert advice hassle-free,

even if you decide not to hire me.



Call in the next 7 days and you will receive a complimentary 

Entertainment Evaluation (a $100.00 value) to personalize 

your Reception AND a FREE LIGHTSHOW & FOG UPGRADE (a $125.00 value) to create the perfect mood and energy for your dance floor! 


If all this interests you, maybe we can schedule a meeting or a phone call and discuss the entertainment of your upcoming wedding reception



Angie & Scott’s Amarillo DJ Company is the Panhandle’s most popular DJ company. They have been specializing in weddings for the last 15 years and are in high demand. It is best to contact AMDJ 3 to 12 months in advance to avoid disappointment.


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